Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hey! Someone forgot to mention that part...

Hello Everyone!

Hope that you are all doing well! Sorry I have not posted in a while-life has been crazy with the start of another semester. I am in my final year of college, and my final semester of classes before I start my semester of student teaching. This is a very intense semester but after each day ends I am that much closer to becoming a teacher. It is very exciting and I know that I am going to learn a lot this semester.

After dieting for 22 weeks this spring, I am now taking a year off to gain strength back and make some big changes before I go on stage again. I am in my first 'off season' right now and it is a lot to get use to. I spent so much of my semester last spring leaning out, and watching my body make improvements each week. Everyone always talks about what an accomplishment it is to do a competition-which it is, and how proud you will be of yourself for how far you have come-which I was, but no one tells you that you are going to have to watch your hard work disappear as your enter your off season.

I understand that I need to put on size in order to grow, but I have been having a very difficult time with that realization. I cannot wrap my mind around not looking contest ready. Last year at this time I had a high level of confidence and never doubted myself or the way I looked. Right now I am really struggling with this, and I am hoping to gain back the confidence I had and know that I cannot worry about what other think because those that are not in the sport do not fully understand what a body goes through from being 'on' season and 'off'.

It is very frustrating also because I have been eating clean and started doing cardio again now that I am back at school and have access to a gym in more easily...but no matter what I do the scale does not move and my body does not let me lean out again like it did in the past.
I just want to give a heads up to my fellow first time competitors that this may be something you will go through too- and it is okay because many, especially females that I talk to have battled these same feelings. You cannot think about how you look right now, you have to think about the changes you want to make for future competitions and what you need to do in order to get there.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend and just remember- Do your best, forget the rest :)

Back to homework...Xo SJ <3


  1. Hey girl! Don't worry, I think this happens to everyone. Happened to me, still going through it. I competed in March and am about 15 pounds up from my stage weight, where I don't want to be. But like you, I still workout 4-5 times a week (and by workout, I kick my butt, I'm not there to mess around =)) I know exactly how you feel and I wish I could give you some reassuring words to help, but I can't =( Just know that it's normal!!