Saturday, January 7, 2012

1 week down...16 to go...but who's counting :)

Hey Everyone!

I hope that your 2012 is off to a great start and you are sticking to your resolutions! I have added motivation after seeing myself on a few more advertisements for Gold's Gym. You never know when you are going to be rewarded for the work you put in.

On January 1st I began my contest prep which means: two a days, lots and lots of chicken, water and green beans....oh and goodbye to my social life (outside of the gym).

I took some time off from doing cardio while I was trying to build muscle because I know that my body has a tendency to lean out quickly so I started doing it regularly again on the Sunday, January 1st....2x a day. I am  not going to lie...the first few sessions were never ending and I was not looking forward to it. Now, with being a week in, I hop on the treadmill, max out the incline, and off I go without even thinking about it. I am back to the point where if I am not hitting cardio twice a day, I feel I always make sure I get it in. I walk 3.5-4.0 mph at an incline of 15. I do this for 30 minutes each session, and I am going to do it 6-7 days a week. Last spring, I did my morning session of cardio on an empty stomach, but this year my schedule is different so I am eating one meal before I go (usually 1 cup of egg whites).  Since I started my contest prep early, if I do not see the weight loss changes I want to by the end of the month, I know I have time to switch it if needed. I also do not eat any carbs before my cardio session. I'm already starting to get looks from some of the other members and even workers at the gym thinking I am the crazy person who comes to the gym twice a day...little do they know :)

My training is going well. I know that as my prep continues, I will lose some strength. I still have a fair amount of energy in the gym, and I am satisifed with my work done. I still had had my strength for my big lifts...squats (185#), deadlifts (150), military bb press (90#), and bench  (135#) this week, and did not have to decrease the weight which made me very happy. I will not be discouraged once I have to drop down though because I know it is part of the process and my energy is exerted elsewhere. I am have a 5 split during the week, and then on Saturdays I will do a full body circuit as well.

Ahh..the dreaded diet :) This can be the biggest struggle during contest prep, but mine is going surprisingly well this time around. I remember last year I did not have as good of will power in the beginning and found myself upset over the foods I was watching everyone else eat. This time around, I could care less about food. I am getting my meals in and not letting it negatively affect me. It might also help that I now have celiac disease, and I am allergic to mom's cookies and treats around the house, but there are still other options I could easily "cheat" on, but I simply chose not to. If I cheat, then I have to do more cardio, and I definately do not want to do that :) I'm in the right mind set, and no one can influence me to make a mistake. I always tell will be beat by the one who doesn't cheat. I am not going to let that happen.

I am slowly leaning out and noticing more abdominal definition and striations in my chest and delts. I know I made choices this fall that were not wonderful for my physique, and I am paying for that this time around with cutting, but I know I will be back in no time :) I have faith. Last year I was ready for Gopher State in less than 8 in retrospect I could have that  body (except with 10 lbs more muscle this time around) by the end of February. Pretty exciting if you ask me :)

Here are my current measurements. I will take them each week as I progress in my prep:
Chest 33.5 inches
Waist 27 inches
Hips 34.5 inches
Biceps 11.5 inches
Quads 23 inches
Calves 15 inches
Am I happy with these numbers? Some yes, and others not so much. Well the beauty of it is, that I can make the changes I want, and that is definately what is going to happen.
NOTE: I will get bodyfat percent measurements done when school starts up again and I have access to those resources.

Since it is still winter break and I don't have much going on besides planning my gym schedule and meals, I have had some time to spend with my family and friends. For those of you that were not close to me last spring, or who forgot....once I am in contest prep mode...I basically do not have a social life. I suppose if I really want to, I could. It is just easier for me to stay in my own little world focusing on my workouts, posing, and prep. I have limited free time, and do not like to be around those who will negatively influence me. I will not go out on weekends to the bars or stay up late in general...weekends are spent doing extra cardio, cooking, and practicing in those 5 inch clear heels. When I do have free time, I usually just like to spend it alone...sometimes with family or close friends but I cherish the quiet time...and this spring with student teaching I am sure that will be limited. Please do not be offended or upset if I do not answer my phone the next few months, or if I seem distant. I will be back once I have met my goals and I am satisfied with my accomplishments.

Well that's all for now. I hope you have a wonderful day :) Stay tuned for updates on the following week!
Thank you for the support!!!

<3 SJ

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