Wednesday, May 9, 2012

{UWSP Strength Center}

UWSP Strength Center...My Second Home:

As I was on the treadmill last night, I hit me as I was looking down. I saw my friends below, getting their workout in. I couldn't help but smile. The more I thought about it, tears started to fill my eyes because it is time for a new chapter. Next weekend I will be graduating from UWSP, and saying goodbye  my favorite gym, and the people there I consider to be like a family to me...well...a meathead family:)
It is very emotional for me knowing that I will be moving on in life and continuing on my journey somewhere else...

I do not even know where to begin in thanking the Strength Center for what its have done for me in the past 18 months. The fall of 2010 I continued my fitness journey in your facility. This is where I grew not only as an athlete, but in creating the person I am today with high expectations, dedication, and a passion for health and fitness. This is where I transformed my physique to meet the expectations of the NPC so I could not only compete, but do it with success.

I have increased my strength, endurance, and muscle mass. I have made changes, and accomplished what I once thought of as the impossible. I have never set such remarkable goals for my self, and made those dreams come true. All of this was possible because of the great facility I had the chance to be a part of. When I first entered the gym when I was a Junior in was very intimidating. I was scared of getting in someones way, or being unsure of what to do because it was all new to me. Now I walk around and feel that I belong there, and it is indeed a part of me. The athletes that once made me feel inferior are now some of of my greatest friends. 

I will never forget the sound of the steal crashing down when the football team was in there. The blur of purple and yellow. The way the chalk felt on my hands. The smell of iron. The hours spent looking down and seeing everyone working out while on the treadmill. The voices of friends pushing me and cheering me on to get that extra rep.

This is the place where I made some of the most amazing friends and support I could ask for. For all of you who have pushed me in the gym, and helped me get to the next level, I will be forever thankful for your time, patience, and kindness. If I met you almost two years ago, or even if you came into my life recently, I will never forget any of you. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to push me another step closer to my all know who you are! :)

My last days spent in there will be more than just a workout. It will be a final chance to make lasting memories in the place I call my second home. 

Make each day count!
<3 SJ XO

PHOTO CREDIT: Diana Marie Photography
Location: UWSP SC

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  1. This must be an amazing feeling for you to have that kind of bond in your gym. !!Brought tears to my eyes. My gym is complete opposite...filled with jealousy and no real support. You have grown and changed so much in the past year. You inspire me more than you will ever know.