Sunday, April 29, 2012

2012 Fox Cities Showdown

Hey Everyone!!!!!!!
NOTE: (First part....written morning of the show)


Since I will probably have little sections of time today...I am going to keep adding to this post as the day goes on because so much will happen in a short period of time :)

Right now it is after 5:00 a.m. and I woke up at my normal time just like I assumed. It is too early to start getting ready so I actually just whipped up my student teacher reflection for the week that is due tomorrow and submitted it. I got a decent amount of sleep last night considering the circumstance :) In Arnold's Six Secrets to Success he says you need no more than 6 hours of sleep so you have 18 hours to DO WORK!  :)

I get to eat my first meal here in about 45 minutes and I am going to eat a normal "Meal 1" except no veggies today because 1. I don't want broccoli in my teeth haha and 2. Sometimes I get "veggie belly" and I don't want that on stage either :)

I am feeling good this morning. Heart has been racing more and more as it gets closer...more excited than nervous this time. I did the work, I put in the time prepping meals, working out, and posing, and I know I am ready! I am REALLY excited to show all of my hard work on stage today not only in front of the judges, but for my family, friends, and supporters. I know quite a few that bought tickets, and are coming to the Showdown. I found out my brother is coming to pre-judging and I am SOOOOOO EXCITED!!! It means the WORLD that he is able to come watch. I support him in all of his passions in life, even though he is not body building any more, he is still working out and eating clean. He is doing a super job with school, his new internship, and rugby. I'll always be proud of you, bro :)

Around 7 a.m., Jessica Richie, owner and stylist of Salon Envy is Stevens Point is coming to my house to do my hair. Another stylist, Mataya, is also coming to do Dirty Diana's hair too!!!! I am so excited!!

Ok so actually yesterday was very busy so after that lil intro I wasn't able to share more about my here I go!! :))

My hair stylist did an amazing job on Diana, and my hair!! It was soooooo beautiful. THANK YOU GIRLS FOR MAKING THE DRIVE ON OUR SPECIAL DAY!! :)))

Frosting rice cakes made by my mommy :)) She even made some to match my suit!! <3
My sister came over with my nieces and they brought me flowers. My niece,who is almost 4, came over in her blue sparkley bikini and we had to get some pics together. It was too darn cute!!! Thank you for stopping over yesterday!!! It meant a LOT to me!!!!

Diana and I in the parking lot with our "1 Year BodyBuilding Anniversary Rings" :))) ....{SHE WENT TO JEREDS!} haha

Diana and I drove to the the venue, all set for pre-judging. We ran into Jerome and Natalie Dihn in the parking lot. She looked absolutely beautiful and it was so nice to see her right away!! We got in side and there were quite a few competitors there already. It was nice to see some familiar faces :) I bought my NPC card, registered, height checked, and I was ready to go! I met my buddy Brandon Chopp, who was competing for the first time. He competes in the middle weight class....nice job, pal!!!! Way to Bring it!!! (BOOM!!!) The athlete meeting started at 11:30, and the auditorium was filled with amazing athletes. I saw a lot of females, and I knew my class was going to be stacked....sure enough...15 girls in Bikini B. That is the most I have ever competed with.

Celebrating our 1 year anniversary: Ashley, Me, Cassandra, Diana

I had some down time...and by down time..I mean like 5 hours..:) So I went over to the spray tanning area, and Yvonne Wright, the Liquid Sun Rayz tanning vendor for the show did some touch ups for me. Out of the four shows I have competed in, she did the most amazing job on my tan.

Drying my touch up coat from Liquid Sun Rayz tan :)) Thanks Ladies!!!!!!

The color was great, and it stayed looking sharp all day. I didn't get ashy or grainy was just simply fabulous!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!! <3

Natalie and Me :)) PROUD OF YOU GIRL!!! YOU LOOKED AMAZING!!!!!!! <3
The show was ready to rock and the the auditorium was FILLED to the brim for pre-judging. I had fun backstage with the girls. All of my friends were in the same dressing room area, and I made some more friends as well. We had fun bonding!!!! Nothing like gluing suits on and fixing eye lashes and fake nails for a friend :)) There are a lot of things that go on back stage that are unexplainable :) We have a blast, and the support system is amazing<3

The morning took a lot longer than expected...and bikini did not get to go on stage until after 3:00.
I was about halfway in the line up to do my "individual presentation" on stage. The girl in front of me was also named Sarah Jean (except she had an "h")....she was a sweetheart. It was a lot of fun! Before I walked out there, I told myself  "This is it...this is what you have worked your ass off go get it!!!!!" I went out with a big smile, and let my hard work shine on stage.

 My posing has significantly improved from last year, and even in a class of 15, I still got first call outs. What a GREAT feeling. I was in the "middle" for quite a while which was a great feeling.I was called out a second time in comparisons in another group as well. I had a lot of stage time and was feeling pretty good after pre-judging.

Bikini A and B Ladies!!!!

Since the morning show took so long, there was a little less than 2 hours before the night show. I stayed at the venue between shows and relaxed.  I was very excited to see my friends and family that were coming to the show. The Showdown sold out last there was a line that went on forever for those who wanted to purchase a ticket for standing room only. It was amazing to see the amount of people who wanted to come and watch this amazing show. Thank you to all of you who came!!!!! I really appreciate it!!!!

In the pump up room
It was suit was glued on, I was oiled up, and ready to go! It was so exciting knowing that this was the big moment that I have been waiting for! I could hear my family and friends cheering in the audience. No matter what, I can always pick out my moms voice out of the crowd :) Off to the side, I saw a giant poster that said, GO MISS LINDBOM!!! I knew Mrs. S was in the audience :) We were filed off the stage and they called the top 5 contestants back on stage for awards. My number was called third and I went out on the stage with a giant smile on my face feeling so proud. I had a lot of really amazing physiques in my class, so it felt good to be standing up there in the end with those other 4 remarkable ladies.

Awards were presented......"And in 5th place...Sara Jean" My heart sank. The crowd went silent. I walked over to my trophy with a lump in my throat. Amanda Latona handed me my trophy (which ok...was FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!) and I stood there for what seemed like the longest minute of my life. I tried to smile like I was proud. It was so painful. I am not saying the other girls didn't deserve it....because they did. I just never thought in a million years I would take fifth. We filed off of the stage, and no matter how hard I tried, the tears came streaming down my face.

I didn't want anyone to see me upset. I didn't want to cry. I didn't want to be that girl...but I couldn't help it. I went in the dressing room and collapsed. My whole world came crashing down. I never worked harder for anything in my entire life. My schedule this semester was insanely busy with student teaching, and with all of the instability in my living situations I made sacrifices that were indescribable. I'll admit it now. For two whole freaking weeks I was homeless. I had no where to go. I lived in my car and slept in there when it was below freezing out, woke up every morning regardless, ran bleachers, showered at the gym, and ate tuna and cold rice because I didn't have a refrigerator. I hit rock bottom- and even then, I did not skip a beat. I did not give up. I did  not let anything stand in the way from my dreams. I was shaking and tears were flowing uncontrollably. Diana, and Cassandra came by me and they started crying too. They knew how hard I worked. They knew on top of my training, and diet I had obstacles that were barriers for the average individual. They knew how bad I wanted it.

I pulled myself together.  My friends reminded me how far I came. Just because my body wasn't 1st place material in the NPC's eyes...doesn't mean I am not a champion. I made progress this year that was out of this world. I competed 8 lbs heavier, at the same body fat as last year. EIGHT POUNDS!! Are you kidding me...that is some serious size for anyone. That my friends, is something for me to be proud of. Every single girl that beat me had a coach. I on the other hand to not. I do all of my training, diet, contest prep, and posing on my own. Yes, I have great support that helps me reach these goals, but in the end, I am my own coach.  My physique has improved so much, and I am very proud of it. I don't need a a medal to show that I won in the competition with myself. This whole experience only gives me fuel to add to my fire to keep on pushing to the top.

After the show it was late, but we all still went out for Sushi to celebrate! It was so amazing and delicous! Renee, Kristine, Diana, Karin, Cassandra, and I all sat together and enjoyed some tasty food! It was nice to see so many familiar faces after the show to celebrate the day. On the way home I talked to my girl and inspiration, Laura Gutilla. She gave me some insight that I will carry out with me as I make my way to the top. Thank you girl for your are such a great role model to me....oh and I hope your Birthday is amazing today!!!!! <3 <3

I got home, showered off my protan, took out my extensions and laid in bed with my chocolate covered strawberries from Lori (BEST POST COMP TREAT EVER) and I fell asleep dreaming of what the future holds.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. There are so many variables in this sport..any other day..different judges, different line never know what is going to happen.  Maybe the journey to IFBB Bikini land isn't the path I am meant to be on. Maybe something else is out there. Maybe I will try figure, do great thing in that division. The sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless.

I want to end this post by thanking Demetrius Alecos, the Fox Cities Showdown promoter. He is truly amazing and does everything in his power to make his show the best one in the states! Every detail is thought out and planned for an experience of a lifetime. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to once again change my life. Your show will always be a place I hold near to my heart.

<3 SJ XO


  1. Wow Sara I don’t think I have words to express how amazed I am with your journey. You are such a strong, committed person. I can’t believe everything that you do. I think you are going to be an amazing teacher because of your experiences. I wanted to let you know that you'r story is inspiring and I enjoy reading you'r blog.

  2. Thank you for your kind words <3

  3. Girl! I have been reading your blog, since I too am a bikini competitor. And your sacrifices brought tears to my eyes! I have a competition next week, and while I look better than I did my last competition, I constantly compare myself to others I know will be competing and it brings me down. But I always remind myself, You have no idea what the judges are thinking and what they want that day. Maybe it's me, maybe it's not.

    You looked AH-mazeballs! You worked so hard! And you can only do better than your last show self (or your yesterday, as I tell my friends that aren't competing). They can't take that away from you. (and you placed! which is more than 10 other ladies! bring home hardware is always good!)

    Good luck in the future!!!!!