Thursday, July 12, 2012

::10 Traits of THE Perfect Man::

Finding the one who makes your heart race…makes you feel special...and gives you the strength you need to get through your day can be a never ending search. Just two short years ago I found him. I’d like you to meet the one who has my whole heart. His name is Gym. He continues to provide each day in ways that you couldn’t even dream of.

Confidence- He will make you feel on top of the world even within just an hour’s time.

Dependable- He will always be there for you. Gym will never let you down, and will override even your worst days.

Integrity-Gym does not lie to you. He is honest, and does not sugar coat the truth.

Earning Potential- He will give you the ingredients you need to be successful. He will allow you to continually better yourself.

Faithfulness- Gym will be dedicated to you. Each day, you will be able to trust with your whole heart what he has to offer.

Generosity- He is a giver. He will devote time to you each day, supporting your goals, and making your every dream come true.

Passion- The feelings you experience in the presence of Gym are unexplainable. He will make your heart race and a sense of warmth will overcome your body.

Endurance- Gym will push you, and not give you an option to give up. He will break down walls and you will accomplish what you once thought was impossible.

Satisfaction- Nothing can compare to the way Gym will fulfill your needs. You will leave him feeling gratified. The smile you depart with will carry on throughout your day.

Everlasting- Gym will always be there for you. His relationship with you is eternal, and as long as you keep him in your life, he will devote his unconditional love to you.

All of these desired traits can be achieved if you take the initiative…make that one committed decision. Go ahead, take a risk. Let Gym into your life. Allow him to change your mind, body, and soul forever

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  1. Very powerful, yet so true, words. Such motivation. Thank you.