Thursday, July 12, 2012

5 Steps to Success

What makes up your day? Is each step an essential part of your desired success? Is it planned out accordingly so no time is wasted? Follow these 5 steps each day to bring you closer to your goals. Each of these steps are necessary to stay on track, and in a positive mindset to continue on the journey.

Step 1: Reflection Run-Every morning, wake up for your first round of cardio. This thirty minute run is more than workout, but it is a crucial part of the day. This time is used to reflect, organize your thoughts for the day, and plan for the future.  You will feel strong and invincible. By the time you get back into your house, you will be in a positive mind set and ready to move forward with your day.

For some, a morning run may conclude their efforts for being healthy, but this next step is valuable component of  success which brings us to the next step.

Step 2: Love your Lifestyle- You cannot consider the way you eat a "diet", but as an essential ingredient in achieving your fitness goals, and you should wear it like a badge of honor. The food that you put into your body has a purpose. You should use food to fuel your body and supply the energy you need to complete the tasks that make up your day and create a desired physique.

At this point, you will be ready to move forward with your day with the goal of helping others and inspiring people to change their life.

Step 3: Make a Difference-  It is good function on high level of activity, and to constantly be on the go. The work that you do should allow you to focus your positive energy on helping others. Each day should be special, rewarding, and exciting. You will create a positive role model for the world to be inspired by. They will look up to you as a strong, successful, determined individual.

After you have put in hours of satisfied work, there is still  one of the most important factors remaining.

Step 4:Bikini Beastmode- At this time, you will head over to the most rewarding place, the gym.  The emotions experienced in the gym are unexplainable. There is nothing else that can make you feel this way. The gym is the one thing you know you can always depend on. It is always going to be there for you. It is constant.  It does not judge you or put negativity into your life. It cannot walk out on you, or give up on you.

Along with staying positive for yourself, remember to shine that passion onto others.

Step 5:Scatter Joy Around You-Make time each day to seek out others that need a boost. If you can make ten people smile each day, you will feel rewarded. You will love knowing, and have great satisfaction for making a difference. The last thing anyone wants to do is to see someone struggle. Never be afraid to help. Wherever you go-you can shine.

These 5 steps make each day a success,you will gain focus, strength, and motivation from these essential ingredients.  Live each day one at a time, overcome any and all obstacles that come your way, and capitalize on your accomplishments. Remember- have of doing is believing that YOU CAN!


  1. I love how you say that food is your fuel. There are so many people who eat crap, and brag about how they can eat whatever they want and still be thin. I am proud of the work and effort I put into planning my meals and workouts. You're right, it should be viewed as a "badge of honor." Love it! :)

  2. I am glad you enjoyed the post! :)