Sunday, July 22, 2012

::Sword Countdown::

Good Morning Everyone :)

I hope you are all doing well. This summer is flying by, and I cannot believe it is almost August. I am officially done teaching summer school math. I am so thankful for the experiences I gained during those four weeks. It was very rewarding, and I was able to learn and grow as an educator. Math was always my most challenging subject, so after not only teaching it for 4 weeks, but teaching it to multiple grades with a wide range of abilities, I am now ready for anything. I also made a great friend and mentor out of the experience, my supervisor and principal, Kristin.  (Thank you for your never ending support and for believing in me!!) During summer school, I was observed by a district administrator a couple of times, and I did a great job so I get to move onto the next round: the interview round. Please keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me. A full time teaching job for the fall would be a dream come true for me. You can cross your toes that it ends up being a second grade job ;) {wishful thinking}

Summer has been great so far. I am really happy that my brother and I both moved home for the summer. We are able to spend a lot of time bonding in the gym, and in the kitchen. My younger brother, Josh, got me started two short years ago, and I will forever be thankful. He is one of my best friends, and his support means the world to me.

I had a wonderful opportunity come my way, and I am now a brand ambassador for Barlean's Organic Oils. I am very thankful, and I am proud to represent a wonderful company that aligns with my fitness goals and beliefs. Stay tuned!!!!

This past month I have taken sometime to recharge and live my life a little bit. I took a break from being completely restricted, and allowed my body to heal. I had the opportunity to spend  week bonding with Mrs S back in Point, and covering some serious miles on the WI River kayaking. I took time off from two a days, and allowed myself to eat the foods I have been depriving myself from for the past 6 months.

However...I function off of high level of activity and structure, and I need a goal to work towards, so it is time to kick it back into high gear, and get ready for the next item on the list.

Ever since I started competing, I made a goal to win overall in an NPC show. I want to be the best...and I also think it would be extremely bad ass to win a sword :) After I reach that goal, I will feel ready to hit the national stage.  I had the opportunity to compete in the overall bikini at MN State Championships, but ended up in second place. One goal at a time though...that show was my accomplishment to win my class, and I am still very proud.

After recharging this month, I know that I want to go back into  ::bikini beastmode:: and meet some new goals. My mind, body, and soul are geared up, and ready to meet any obstacles that come in my way. I will work harder than ever before, making new sacrifices, and breaking through the impossible. I want to make changes from MN State, and bring my best package yet to this show.

I went to bed last night knowing that today was the day. I woke up, did my morning cardio, ate my egg whites, and know that from here on out, once again, every decision I make will impact my goal. I'm ready!!! :)

Shout Out-----I'd like to say Good Luck to my Coach, LAURA GUTILLA who is competing in USA'S this weekend!!! She is amazing in every way possible, and I am so proud of her accomplishments. Watch out world....after next weekend....she's going to be IFBB Physique Pro Laura Gutilla ;)  GO GET IT!!! IT'S YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coach rockin' it at CO State where she won overall and best poser :) GO LAURA!!!!

Make every day COUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<3 SJ xo

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