Monday, August 27, 2012

Never Give Up

Hello Everyone-

It has been a while since I have written, and I apologize for that. Life has been pretty hectic with summer coming to an end, along with the job search for a teaching position.  I applied to over 100 districts from here to MN, and I have not had luck-yet.

Last week I was very excited to have a phone call to come to Point and interview for a second grade opening. Happy tears filled my eyes when this opportunity came along, and I truly believed this was it. After spending my entire practicum and student teacher assignment in second grade in that very district, I thought for sure my time had finally come. One of my second graders had been in contact with me all summer, calling me and asking about training and my job search. She was so excited I had an interview in Point she said she would transfer schools and redo second grade again just to spend another year with me. I went to the interview confident, and prepared. There was a lot of competition within the candidates, and the job was given to someone with more experience. I had great feedback, and was told I had nothing to improve on. Those very words were not as difficult to hear as it was when I called my second grader, and had to break the news to her. We both cried on the phone, and she assured me something better was to come.

I look at my life, and the obstacles I have overcome. My dad walking out on my family when I was in high school, the struggles I faced in college, hitting rock bottom and living out of my car, and the pain I felt when I did not place where I wanted to at 2012 Fox Cities Showdown. I think about how I felt...and then what I did to overcome the pain. For example, after Fox, I sacrificed all I had, and worked harder than I ever did in my entire life to reach my goal and winning at MN State. Not everything in life is easy...not everything in life will be handed to you.

I will watch my friends and peers filled with excitement as they share stories about their very own classroom...and their first year teaching. I am truly happy for all of them, but it hurts knowing I have to sit this one out. I am going to work harder than ever before, and gain as much experience as I can subbing in districts. It is going to be a challenging year, but I truly believe if I give it my all {like I always do}, when the right moment comes, I will be rewarded.

I believe God has a plan...and everything happens for a reason. Maybe something great is just around the corner. In the meantime, I am going  to take advantage of not having the stress of the full time job, and focus my energy into what I love. When I am not subbing or volunteering in the schools, I will work towards my fitness goals. I can look as this as an opportunity to excel in that area. I can put time and dedication into my physique, so when nationals comes along, I am prepared and ready to go. I can also put time into my wonderful sponsor, FitPro Milk, and grow within the company.

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As far as the competing side of my life goes...I always struggle with post-contest depression. Every show I do...I know its coming, and I am never prepared to handle what this does to my physically and emotionally. After MN State, I continued to deprive myself from the nutrients I need in order to progress and grow, and I made poor decisions. I cut carbs out of my diet completely, and when I did eat them, I made poor food choices and my physique suffered. I got my head together, and figured out what my body really needs during this time. I feel a lot better. Many of you continue to ask if I will be competing this fall, and the answer is "No". I cannot go through the emotional and psychological changes dieting for a show does to me. I need to find a weight that I can be happy with, that is healthy, and maintain there. I am already qualified for nationals, so I need to focus on the bigger picture instead of short term goals. It is important to take care of your body, and love it at every stage it is at.

Stay tuned...and remember to make it COUNT!!!!!

<3 SJ xo

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  1. I love this! It's so important to share the ups and the downs of competing and what we go through! You are such an amazing young woman!
    Blessings !