Saturday, February 11, 2012

*Great Rewards come from Great Sacrfice*

Hello Everyone!!

Another week has passed, and a lot of great things have happened for me. Life is good in all of the areas in my life. I am exhausted beyond belief, but it is the burning fire inside me that keeps me going. Every day I wake up at 5:30am, start the coffee maker and then take a shower. I eat my delicious egg whites and yep you guessed beans. I eat my breakfast, and drink my coffee while going over the lessons for the day. I usually go to school 2 hrs before the students arrive so I can make sure everything is organized for the day, and plan for lessons to come. I like to be organized and have a plan to follow. I am with the students every day until 3:35, and after they go home, my day is not over. I help clean up the room, organize the desks that are completely out of place from the morning, redo the daily schedule on the board for the following day, and put a worksheet on the students' desks to do for a.m. seat work. Once everything is done at school for the day, I go home and eat and get moving to the gym. I have to work some nights so I either Lift, work, and then go back for cardio after work..OR I just lift and to cardio and can call it quits sometime after 9pm. By the time I get home I shower and it is usually time to eat again. After I go over student work from the day or work on lessons, I finally am able to get into bed around 11pm if I am lucky. My weekends are far from a break. Aside from training and working, I am constantly researching something new and fun to teach my students or working on lessons to teach for the following week. I love every minute of it though.  I am excited that I get to do this for the rest of my life. I definitely picked the right career for me!

I had the opportunity to come home today for a short 24ish hour visit. I got home early this morning and my mom had the garage open and coffee waiting for me. I opened up the refrigerator and she had chicken seasoned with Mrs. Dash table blend (my current favorite) cooked and ready to go! It is so nice to come home to such great support. Today we went to Gold's Gym together. It was nice to see familar faces at the gym, and train with my mom again. She is the best!!!! I am looking forward to going to Gold's again tomorrow with my mom, and meeting up with my iron sister, Diana Kersten before I head back to Point. Diana is such a blessing to me. I am so excited to compete with her again in 11 weeks. Keep it up!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!! <3

(I thought I would add another subject to my blog since this takes up the majority of my week)

Reptile display for my 2nd graders

Last week in school was reptile week with the second graders. I really enjoy all of the trust my teacher gives me to teach with my own style and share my passion of environmental education with the children. We had a lot of fun! I love going to school every day and knowing that I have such a huge impact on my students. I enjoy making a difference and helping them succeed :)

From a student in my class:
Dear Miss Libom. I like you. Your the Best techer in the howl world... YOU ROCK!
:) made my week
Along with the kids, I also have a super awesome cooperating teacher. She is not only supportive of my teaching abilities, but she also supports my competitor lifestyle. Not only did she put a mini fridge in the room for me to use, she filled it with foods I can eat during contest prep. She also filled the cupboards with organic gluten free rice cakes, TUNA!, and organic natural peanut butter. It is so nice to have food on hand just in case when I need it. She is also coming to the show on the 28th to watch me kick some booty on stage :) It should be a wonderful experience for her to see me in this atmosphere.


I got my Vibrams on Sunday and I started to wear them right away. What a difference they make! I love wearing them both for training and cardio.  I was so excited to go to the gym right away and I was ready for dead lifts. I was with my friend April that night, and she told me the desk worker wears these shoes sometimes too. We started talking to him and he was going on and on, and I said, "I am sorry to interrupt you but I am super jacked to so try deads in these so we are going to have to talk later!" April thought it was pretty funny :) We had a killer workout and I did my cardio with an even bigger smile on my face.

In general training and cardio is going good. The gym has just been jam packed this semester, even if I wait later in the night to go, I still am waiting around for certain machines and cardio equipment. With that in mind, I have been doing different types of cardio all week since the treadmill is not always open for incline walking. I have also been doing a lot of StairMaster (my one true love) and inclined elliptical training.  I do not really have a preference, although I think it takes me the longest to burn calories on the elliptical, no matter how much I switch up the resistance and incline.

I have continued my 100 lunges every other day, but instead of doing them down the hall with 50 lbs of chains around my neck, I was looking for more of a challenge to I bumped it up to 75 lbs. What a difference that has made! The first night I did them, they weren't easy, but I had April on the other end of the hall rooting me on. She always tells me to pretend there is a piece of sushi at the end of the hallway, or a chocolate rice cake with peanut butter on it. As silly as that is, the imaginary food makes me smile and I push through. It is fun working out with her as we continue to push each other past our limits.

Overall, I am still maintaining my strength and endurance thus far in my contest prep. I am proud of how far I have come already!


Nothing has changed for my diet. I am still consuming a mass amount of green beans, tuna, egg whites, gluten free rice cakes...etc :) I am staying on track and not distracted. Last season I remember constantly having cravings and driving to the store just to stand in the candy aisle and dream. (Reeses Eggs were my enemy last year). I know how bad I want I want the overall title this time, and I know that will make me happier than sugar ever will so it does not even phase me anymore. It also helps being allergic to gluten because the things I would once crave, I am not able to eat anymore anyway. A blessing in disguise:)


11 weeks out back lat spread...just for fun :)
I am still seeing great changes in my body. I feel great for how I am looking at 11 weeks out. I am not going to list measurements today as I am going to include an extra post early this week. On Monday I am meeting with my good friend Docta Ryce and he going to give me an updated bodyfat% measurement. In December before I started contest prep, and having a very poor fall semester that included drinking on the weekends with friends and making bad decisions on diet, I was at 18%. Since January 1st, I have lost 12 lbs and I know that I will feel great with the results I get from him. Even though I lived my life as a normal college student last semester, and was unhappy with my body, I was able to make the change I wanted to, because I am responsible for my own happiness-just as you are too!! Never forget that. If you are not satisfied with the way you look in the mirror...then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. You are responsible for the outcome.

Go make it happen!!!!! Stay tuned....
<3 SJ

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