Saturday, February 25, 2012

I didn't know what to call this one :+)

Hello Everyone!!!! 
Picture my mom gave me to hang up at school. It is my favorite bible verse {Phil 4:13} and zebra print...two things I love:)

Good Morning and Happy Saturday to you all!!!! I had a really busy week because on top of training two hrs a day and everything that goes along with contest prep, teaching full time, I also had parent teacher conferences, and my first university supervised lesson.  Everything went great! I really enjoyed meeting the parents of my students. They all said they hear about me at home which is good because that means I am doing something right :) My observed lesson was on Wednesday and I did a math lesson on fractions. For those of you that know me...math was always a challenge. I chose to take the most challenging subject and get it out of the way first. My university supervisor was very happy with my lesson and could not think of anything for me to improve on. I do not know how I will top that lesson for next time...oh wait I am already working on it :)

Today marks 9 weeks out from Fox Cities Showdown. I am happy with the way contest prep is going and I am not overly stressing about my changes right now. I know that I still have some work to do, but that is evident being this far out. I would not want to look stage ready right now because it is not time to showcase :) Although....if I am ready early it would be sweet to compete in the NPC MN Gopher again. I had the most amazing time at that show and it would also be nice to see my MN friends again. see the one and only Superman Tom Seydel as the guest poser!!!

As the gym is still pretty heavy with traffic flow, I have been pretty flexible on which machine I will do my cardio on. This past week it was mostly inclined elliptical but towards mid week (I  noticed these girls tend to do whatever I do the next day) so by Thursday all of the ellipticals were full so I flipped mah hair (haha Angel) and headed for the treadmill and cranked up the incline on there. Doesn't matter where it's happening...I am always doing work. Last night I went home so I was able to work out at Gold's and I LOVE their stair-masters so I hit that up.  I think it is good for my body to be switching up the form of cardio that I do.

Girl All the Bad Guys Want.....Bowling for Soup
Womanizer.....Brittney Spears
American Cowboy.....Jada
Can't Hold Us Down...Xtina
Circus.......Brittney Spears
Evacuate the Dance Floor...Cascada
Push It......Salt n Pepa
Hips Dont Lie....Shakira
Waka Waka.......Shakira
All I do is Win.....DKJ Khaled
Can't be Touched....Roy Jones
Look At Me Now....Lil Wayne
No Hands.....Waka Flocka
Teach me how to Dougie....Cali Swag District
Up and Away....Kid Cudi
Sound of Madness.....Shinedown


I have had awesome training sessions this week and I am still holding onto my strength.   
Here is my current workout schedule:

Sunday: Hammies, Glutes, Cardio
Monday: Back, 100 weighted lunges, Cardio
Tuesday: Chest, Tris, Cardio
Wednesday: Shoulders and Traps, 100 weighted lunges, Cardio
Thursday: Arms, Cardio
Friday: Quads,  added 100 squats with 100 lbs, Cardio
Saturday: Full Body Circuit or rest day
Sunday: Oh look it is Sunday again...time to give 'er hell :)

Hulkbarbie is ready to rock!!!!

Everyday this week I decided to curl my hair for teaching because the kids love it haha. So if I look like that all day, I am obviously going to the gym like that. I get one of two giving me the stare of death....or men with their jaws on the floor as I grab the chains and head to the hallway for lunges. Whoever said you cant look good while kicking ass was seriously wrong :)

I have been training alone mostly, but I have a lot of friends I see at the gym so it is nice to gain support from them as they notice my progress. I have been training with my Vibram shoes for about 2 weeks now and I have noticed significant difference  in my leg definition. (In my calves especially) They are AWESOME! Once it gets warmer out and the snow/salt is gone, I would like to get a pair to wear for everyday wear.


GOT FAST FOOD?????  haha 3 oz chicken, orange peppers, and mushrooms. Quick meal to eat while driving from school to back home so I have energy to workout when I get to Gold's. NO EXCUSES!

I am happy with the way I am looking. I know I still have about 8 lbs to drop before April, but I am not worried at all. I am keeping my calories higher because last season I deprived my body and my metabolism went to shit post season. I took a different approach this season so that does not happen. Granted the weight is taking me longer to drop, but that is okay because I am still building lean muscle mass in the process. I am really proud that I can do all of this on my own and I know my body well enough to make educated decisions with each step I take. I have not switched up the foods I am consuming other than the fact I am probably eating chicken more often than egg whites now.

I am meeting with Docta Ryce again next Sunday to see the changes I have made in lean body mass and body fat percentage. I am noticing my upper body to continuously lean out each week, with my legs slowly following. From experience, I know my legs won't make drastic changes until the last month or so, therefore I am not worried. Even though the scale is not moving a lot right now, my clothes are still getting baggier on me, and I can see more definition weekly.

upper body definition...delts n chest are getting lean!

I'm off to go see my #1 iron sister Diana!!! I am so excited! It is always nice to support each other and talk through out struggles of contest prep, school, work, and life. Later today I am working out with my mom again before I nanny for the rest of the weekend.

 Have a wonderful week, and remember, YOU are RESPONSIBLE for the OUTCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go make it happen!!!!!

<3 SJ XO

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