Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hello everyone!
Hope your week is going amazing. I am staying on track and I am super focused! I am not even dreading early a.m. cardio fact I kind of like :) Yesterday I went grocery shopping and didn't even get sad when I walked passed the Reese's Eggs. I don't need that to be happy. What a great feeling to be past my cravings!!!

6 weeks...3 days to go! I am leaning out daily and feeling amazing. This morning I was at 126.5 on the scale which means I have cut about 14 lbs so far! Never say never! :) I am getting my body fat tested again Friday morning too. We will see where I am at.

Yesterday I was at camp all day but no school groups came so we had a work day. On the way home one of my friends said "Wow Sara, I have never heard you so quite before." and in unison everyone else in the vehicle without even hesitating said "She's hungry." I looked out of the passanger seat smiled. They all get it. They all accept me and get it. What a relief to have a group of friends that I get to spend a full day each week with that support me and understand why I do what I do. People that don't know me as well point out the negatives and make me feel bad for having off days or put me down for what I do.What a relief to have friends like this.
[Thanks for helping me keep my 'elephant tamed' :) Captain, Kait, Jake, Kels, Thor...couldnt ask for better friends]     :)

Have a great day. Time for class-
SJ xo

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