Saturday, March 12, 2011


I woke up this morning and got to talk to my mom on the phone which was wonderful. She informed me I should get my bikini Monday or Tuesday which I am VERY excited about!! It will be so awesome to be able to try it on to make everything come to life a little more. I also mailed my entry fee in today so it is more official now :) 7 WEEKS TODAY...April 30th here I COME!!!!

Cardio went great this morning as always. I did interval training on the Stairmaster-personal favorite. I can really feel my hammies/glutes tightening up which makes me very happy. Today is a day off from lifting so after work tonight I will be sure to hit up cardio once more for the day.

Today I start a new job on campus and I get to work with food. I am hoping that working with high fat foods makes me want them less :) I will find out today.

Make it great day. Call someone you miss and tell them you care :)
SJ xo

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