Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cardio Playlist

I had a few individuals ask me what I listen to while I am getting through my cardio. It might not work for everyone but this works for me. Last summer, I was inspired by my amazing Zumba instructor, Heather. Her class was twice a week and I LOVED it!!! She was so upbeat and make cardio a blast! She also gave me the courage to become a Zumba instructor myself.

[Thank you Heather!!!]

So whether I am on the Stairmaster giving it my all or power walking on the tredmill at an incline, I am jamming to a playlist  made up with a majority of songs from her class last summer. Each song gives me the energy I need to get through it!!! :)

Cupid Shuffle.....
JUMP.....Flo Rida
Low.....Flo Rida
Club Cant Handle me....Flo Rida
Hala (Reggaeton)....ZIN
Gimmie Gimmie (booty battle song).....
Gasolina....Daddy Yankee
Hips Dont Lie......Shakira
Whine it up....Kat Delune
She Wolf...Shakira
Drop it on Me...Ricky Martin
You know you want me.....Pitbull
5 Letres...ZIN
Shes Hot, Shes Blazing....ZIN
Shake...Ying Yang Twins
Boro Boro.....ZIN
Boom Boom Mama.....Da Family
StickwitU....Pussycat Dolls

I enjoy doing cardio and listening to these songs because it brings back memories from last summer and the good times I had and the friendships I made. Miss you girls!!!

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