Friday, March 11, 2011

Lesson of the Day: PMO

[Seven weeks, 1 day to GO]

Day five of the week is always the most difficult day to get myself out of bed and in my workout clothes to head over for cardio session #1 of the day. I got to the gym and hopped on the scale..128 today! woot woot! That gave me the boost I needed to get through my 30 minute Stairmaster workout! After my workout I walked outside and the sun was coming up and the birds were chirping and it was just beautiful. I was so glad I got myself out of bed because it ended up being a wonderful start to my day:) :) :)

After my first class today I also  had my body fat tested and I am now down to 9% which is exciting because last time I checked I was 10.25%. My problem areas are my legs and then triceps and both of those areas had fat loss so I know what I am doing is working and I am on track!!!! Even though I am new at this and dont have my own trainer ordering me what to do for contest prep, I am figuring it out and being successful with my progress.

I was working my desk job this afternoon and my favorite person came in to work out. He is an elderly man that supports me 110% and always wants to hear about my progress. Today he told me to always have PMO....Positive Mental Outlook on life. I completely agree with this! The day is all what you make of it so make it a great one!!!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!
SJ xo

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