Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hello everyone!

Yes it is 4am and I am WIDE awake. My nerves have definitely gone away and now there is just excitement awaiting. For those who have not caught up in the past few days: I decided to compete in the 2011 NPC Army National Guard Minnesota Gopher State this weekend in the bikini B class [Thank you JD for pushing me to do this. I know I will be thankful I made this decision].

I realize I still have 4 weeks to go until the Fox Cities Showdown but I thought this would be an amazing opportunity to hit the stage and gain some experience before the big day. I was EXTREMELY fortunate to have wonderful friends help me out to make this last minute decision as least stressful as possible. I am VERY thankful for all of you. I wish my family could be here today with me but do not worry I will get a lot of pictures to make up for it :)

I made it to MN yesterday around 4pm and then I did some posing practice, had my first coat of spray tan applied. After having that first coat on everything was coming to life more. I looked in the mirror and I was so proud of the person I saw looking back at me. It was like BAM! :) Last year at this time I would have never imagined I would be where I am today. ANYONE can do ANYTHING. Never forget it :)

I got to see some friends: the Erickson's and also Jala. It was nice to see familiar faces!!!! I checked-in/reg by 7:45pm, went back for another coat of spray tan. There was a long line but it was nice to talk with the other competitors. I smiled as I listened to them talk about all of the tasty food they are going to eat after the show knowing I have to wait another four before I get to eat mom's cookie cake and a Reeses egg-at last! :)  I finally got back to my hotel by 1030pm where I was greeted by the wonderful Sara Lynn with a smiling face and helping hands to make sure I am ready. I am so thankful for her kindness and expertise :)
You rock chica!! ]

Well now it is after 4am and I was laying in bed everyone sleeping or are they tossing and turning too? I laid there with a smile on my face imagining how wonderful it is going to feel to finally show all of the hard work I have been putting in. I am really excited about today. I looked at the program and it looks like there is at least 8 girls in my class. I am going to go out there with a smile on my face and bring it :)

I am very excited to see some of my friends compete today as well. Willie and Jala good luck in women's body building!!! You are both amazing and I am so proud of you.

JD the killa :) good luck with men's physique and body building as well. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful friend and mentor. Thanks for helping me find the courage to get my butt on stage today! :)

This morning Sara Lynn is coming over to help me with my make up and taking me over to the athletes meeting. Women go on stage starting at 10:30 I believe so have me in your thoughts then! :) Thank you for all of your support!! <3

I can hear the birds chirping outside now...glad I am not the only one awake :)

Time to go make it happen!!
<3 SJ xo


  1. you know it girl!! im proud of you and believe in you, you looked great today and this is only the beginning!