Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Balance :)

Good Morning Everyone!!
Who's Excited? :)

I just wanted to stop by and let you know that everything is going wonderful with the final days of prep. I am very focused and I do not back down on any challenge. Not only is the show 10 days away, but school is also just about over as well so that means its crunch time! I have a lot I need to accomplish before the show and right after so it is very important I keep my school work a priority also. That means a lot of very late nights studying and working on projects to make sure I can succeed in all areas.

I stayed up until 1am studying for an exam and then woke up at 5:25am for my round one of cardio. Most people would think I am crazy but if I don't focus on the negative aspect of getting no sleep and focus on the positive part such as preparing myself for an exam or waking up to become one step closer to my dreams, then it is all worth it!!!!

It is another long day on campus but I have my meals measured, packed and ready to go and everything packed so I can workout after class tonight. I am ready for anything...bring it on! ;)

Time to get moving to know it is bad when you have to set TWO alarms for yourself in the morning....1 alarm to wake up for a.m. cardio, and another one reminding me to stop posing and get out of my heels and bikini and get to class :)
Make it a great day!!!

SJ xo 

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