Friday, April 27, 2012

1 day out....

Hello Everyone!!!!

It felt amazing writing this date on the board after school last night. Cant believe it's here!!!!!

I had the opportunity to sleep in this morning....but do you think that happened? Nope...head popped off the pillow at 5:10am and I started pounding my water for the day. I looked in the mirror...and holy crap I was lookin' tight. I am really happy with where I am at!!! Mind blowing looking at the differences from last year and this year. I am really excited to show it all off tomorrow!!!!!

 I did not want to mess up my meal schedule because everything has been so incredibly consistent. Even though I was not in the classroom today, I am still ate the same times (after my shower, before announcements, lunch, afternoon recess, after school, before bed). It was sooooo weird not being in the classroom today. I missed the kids like crazy. I'd look at the time and think...."they are in reading right now..." or "the kids would be out for recess and I'd be eating tuna with Mrs S." Throughout the day I was in contact with Mrs. S about the school day. Fridays are pretty easy because we have book buddies with the third graders, library, and computer lab. I helped Mrs. S plan the rest of the day, and felt bad for not being there. She insisted this was my day and I needed to get ready for the Showdown. I am very excited to see her tomorrow at the night show, and have my family and friends meet the amazing mentor I have been working with since October.

I ran some errands today and picked up ingredients for my mom's homemade butter cream frosting that she is going to put on rice cakes for me to eat after the night show:) My mom is a professional cookie cake maker but since I cant that anymore with the gluten in it, she instead uses a cake decorater and makes my rice cakes all fancy with frosting and puts M&Ms on them. I am really excited :)  walked around the store forever...up and down the candy aisles but nothing appealed to me. I am not really looking to pig out after the show...I just want a few frosting rice cakes, my surprise from Lori...and some sushi and I'll be a happy girl!

I got my bag all packed up this afternoon and I am all set to go for the big day!

Silk robe...Check!
Flip flops...Check!
Tuna and Rice....Check!
3M Super 77 Glue (Bonds many foils, plastics, papers, foams, metals, and cardboard.....uhhh they forgot bonds bikinis to rock hard bodies haha)...CHECK!!
Notes from my students...Check!
Resistance bands for pumping up....Check!
After party dress and heels....Check!

I had some down time so I decided to do the best thing and that was rest. I put in one of my Office dvds and I laid down for a while. I fell asleep and woke up to the door bell. I got up to see who was there...but it was no one. A package lay down at my feet. It had my name on it and I was SO excited!!! I opened it and inside was a surprise from my girl, Lori. Inside was....

I was literally jumping up and down in excitement!!! YAY!!!!! A post show treat...and its something I can actually eat!!! {Thank you girl!! I will arch it extra good for you tomorrow!!!!}

My bff Diana and I had our tanning appointments at 5pm so we went together. Ohhhhh the excitement of turning 20 shades darker in seconds :)
This is where the magic happens
 For all of you that have never been spray is an experience. Let me tell you! You strip down and g in a tent and spray lady uses  an automatic spray gun thing that shoots out freezing cold spray on your body. You stand there and rotate, moving your legs and arms in certain angles to make sure every inch is covered. Between coats the freezing continues as you dry in front of a fan. After about 15 minutes of freezing cold air...the lady comes back and does another coat :) I had my tan done through Liquid Sun Rayz and Yvonne did my tan. She did a super job!!!! :) I will get touch ups tomorrow before the show.

2 coats later...:) JACKED AND TAN!!! Thank you Yvonne at Liquid Sun Rayz
After the spray tan appointment, Diana and I went to Walmart to pick up a few final things. We were thinking...o gosh we are going to get weird looks. Ok...funny thing is no one even said anything. We apparently blended right in haha :) We picked up some movies to watch for the night.

Time to put my legs up....relax...and dream about giant medals :)))
<3  SJ XO

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  1. You look fantastic!! I had a question about the 3M glue.. Do you prefer it to Bikini Bite? I'm 12-ish weeks out from my first show and I live in a small town so I'm pretty much ordering everything online. But one less thing would be awesome! Thanks!