Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4 days out....

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for following on my journey. It is nice to see that so many are reading my posts! It really means a lot that I have so much support.

I woke up this morning before my alarm went off as usual. I heard the birds singing out my window, and I popped right out of bed and headed down stairs to shower. I was feeling pretty good, and got a decent  6 hours of sleep. I went to the mirror as I do every morning and I checked out my progress. I am really, really proud of where I am at. Each day I think I am ready, and then I check myself over and can't believe the night and day changes I have. Just FOUR days to go....holy shit it's almost here :)

I looked at my clothes hanging up...what to wear...what to wear. I checked the weather...28 degrees. I looked at my clothes again...I really did not feel like drowning in dress pants 5 sizes too big so I decided I would take the chance of freezing and threw on my sun dress and a sweater. I got ready for school, and headed out early again.

I walked in the classroom and Mrs. S had the new microwave waiting for me. Yay for warm meals again and no more cold tuna, rice, and broccoli! I cranked through some lesson plans for next week because the last thing I want to do on Saturday between prejudging and the night show is writing lessons and grading papers :) I am staying organized and planning ahead so I will be all set for Monday. No excuses.

Thank you Mrs. S!

My energy level today has been again around a 6.5, and my motivation at a 10. Again, I am so thankful to have such a wonderful, cooperating teacher to spend my days with. She is understanding with my meals and now my overloading of water intake. I couldn't do it without you, Mrs. S!!!!!

The kids came in for the day and they boost my spirits right away with their smiles and excitement. Mrs. S and I had a fun day planned with our weather unit. The students were continuing their cloud book. We go outside and look at the clouds once a day for a week, draw pictures and write about it. We also talked about different types of weather today and the students wrote poems. Below is a poem a student wrote and gave to me. She drew a picture of herself and me playing outside. Too cute:) Tuesdays are also great because the kids have music AND art so it gives me a chance to catch up on grading, documenting, and planning ahead.

Pictures from the kids today :)

A student surprised me at lunch and illustrated a picture of me at the "Muscle Show". He drew me with the giant medal on and a trophy thats says: 1st Place, Best Lighfter
:) I'll be sure to pack that in my bag for Saturday. I told the kids if I earn that giant medal, I'll bring it to school and let them try it on. Are they jacked or what!?! haha

By lunch time I had 1 gallon of water down again. I made the mistake of walking in the teacher lounge and there was food everywhere. I think it was for secretaties day. There was ...cookies...cake loaded with frosting...pizza..subs...cheese and crackers...chocolate...cake pops....and more. I went back to the room right away and got out my third meal of the day. All I can say...is brown rice will never get old. I look forward to it everyday. It is my new oatmeal this season :)

By the time the kids were in art I was feeling pretty run down and my head started hurting again. It almost feels like I am dehydrated but that doesn't make sense because I am flooding my body with water. I think I just need to get more rest .

After school, I had my hair appointment to look forward to. Exhale....Relaxation for 90 minutes). I started going to Salon Envy this fall, and the owner, Jessica Richie is my stylist. She is AMAZING let me tell you! Even when I graduate and  if move out of the area, I will drive back because she is just that good. She has been so supportive, and helps me in any way she can. She did my hair on Saturday for my photo shoot, and she is driving to my house the morning of the show just so I do not have to stress about that too. 
I love love love my highlights!!! Sooo prettty!!!!!! Also a thank you to Lauren for doing my lash extension :) I am ready to rock!!!!
THANK YOU MIZZ RICHIE!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! It feels great to be blonde again!!!!!!

After my hair appointment I went home to make some more food for the next few days. I am so thankful for my rice cooker this season. It is a life saver!!!

I just packed up my meals for tomorrow while enjoying my egg whites. I don't care what anyone says...microwaved egg whites are delicious. They are light and fluffy and I look forward to them every night. (crazy...I know...)

Well...tomorrow is another day! Make every one count!!!!  Good night:))

<3 SJ xo

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