Thursday, April 26, 2012

2 days out....ELEMENTARY SHOWDOWN :)

Hello Everyone!

I cannot believe how the week is flying by! Every day has been jam packed for me, and I am giving it 125% heart, passion, and dedication. I woke up this morning hoping it was only like 3:00am, and I'd have a few more hours of rest...but was 5:15...almost time to wake up. I went to bed later than normal last night because one of my best friends, Corey, came to town and I wanted to catch up. It was really nice to see him.

I cannot believe the 2012 FOX CITIES SHOWDOWN is SOLD OUT!!!!!! I found out the news yesterday when I got home from school. There are still tickets for the night show for $10 but it is standing room only. If you are still planning on coming...I would still order your tickets because I am sure only so many people can be standing too.

I got ready this morning, packed up my car for the weekend, and headed to school early. The sun was shining and there were also a lot of stratus clouds {applying the new second grade knowledge haha) so either it is going to rain...or maybe if I'm lucky it will past on through. I hope the sun stays out...could use a little cheeriness in my day.  Today was my last chance to get caught up on things before the busy weekend arrived.

:) Excitement after the Show

The students came in and we had a very busy morning planned with a special program with the other second grade classrooms celebrating diversity, and also a school gathering in the gymnasuim. Dancers/Performers from Africa came to school...and little did I know I was going to be performing too. The dancers were very animated and the kids loved it! They played drums and danced, and were very engaging with the audience. One of the dances was an competition dance between two men and they went back and fourth "competing" with their flips and muscle flexing. As soon as the kids saw that they went wild and they made sure to let the performers know that Miss Lindbom is a body builder. Before I knew it was was on stage dancing with the performers (thank goodness for my mad Zumba abilities haha), and one of them picked me up above in the air and then we all flexed our muscles for the kids. SHOWDOWN AT THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL :) 
One of the performers came up to me and told the kids..."Your teacher is very healthy. I bet she eats her fruits and vegetables!"
A little girl replied, " Actually Miss Lindbom eats tuna, rice, and brocolli SIX times a day!"
All of this happened and it wasn't even lunch time yet. What an amazing morning!

In the afternoon, we did our usual math, music, spelling, and science. We continued our cloud observation books...and it was a beautiful day outside for it.

A student handed me a note and told me I had to pack it for the weekend. Here is what it says:

Good Luck Miss Lindbom. i hope you get to be a Perfeshanal Body Builder. That is cool that my Uncle works out at your gym. After I saw you flex your arms, I know your going to win.
PS- I think you are going to be the best one there I think your going to whoop them by a lot of points. When you said a long time ago you saw all those buteful woman on stage and wanted to be like them, you are one of them, Miss Lindbom because you started body building.

I am definately saving that note forever. That is enough for me...knowing my students look up to me. In my heart, that is winning to me.

Something for me to look forward to on Monday morning :)
 After school I headed back to the Fox Cities. The drive home was relaxing and it gave me a chance to gather all of my thoughts before the craziness began. My mind got lost thinking about the stage....thinking about the emotions that would over come me as I let my hard work shine. My eyes filled with tears....I thought...holy is almost here. I want this more than anything. I have worked harder for this the past 17 weeks than I have for anything else in my entire life. Blood, Sweat, and Tears went into this. Dedication, Passion, and Heart. 125% every day with NO EXCUSES. As Saturday unfolds it will be part of another journey...the journey to chasing after my dream of becoming an IFBB Bikini Pro this summer.  I believe I can do it. I have the work ethic, and I know I am never going to give up. This is my dream...and I am not going to let anyone take it out from underneath my feet. 

::Don't dream the dream...LIVE it and MAKE it YOURS::

When I got back into my home town area, I met my Iron Sister, Diana and her daughter for some Showdown pampering :) We got our nails done and shared out excitement for the weekend. It was a much needed  stress evening with two of my favorite girls! THANK YOU DIANA FOR BEING AMAZING!!!! :)) Team DIRTY BEAN!!! woot woot woot!!

It was so nice to come home and see my mom! She is always so supportive of me. She had chicken and brocolli in the refrigerator ready to go for the weekend. {THANKS MOMMY!}

At night I took another shower and exfoliated again. I have been using my exfoliater all week to prep my body for the spray tan. I also completed my full body shave so I would be all set to go for the weekend!

Tomorrow at this time I am going to be jacked and tan....very, very, tan :)))

Night everyone!!!!

<3 SJ XO

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