Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crank the ::HEAT::...ITS PEAK WEEK!!

Hello Everyone!
Keep it UP, competitors!!! We are almost there!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend, I know I sure did. Just 6 days out from the 2012 Fox Cities Showdown. I am still giving 125% everyday and not skipping a beat. Everything is falling into place, and I know when I wake up at 5:25 am on Saturday, April 28th, I am going to be ready. I am not stressing or worrying about any other competitors- just myself. I put in the blood, sweat, and tears. I did the work. I gave it my all. The rest is up to the judging panel the day of the show. Do your best....forget the rest! :)

I made some nice changes week and started significantly dropping each day  starting Wednesday and it is continuing. I haven't touched my diet as far as changes in a few weeks because I am having steady progress with where I am at right now. However, if I continue to drop I may make some slight changes but nothing drastic  because there are just a few days remaining and I do not want to mess anything up. This week I am going to keep my activity lighter in the gym as well because I know with the diet alone I'll lean down even more, and judging by the mirror, I feel on point now.
This was the first weekend of prep I did not go home. It was really weird not driving home on Friday night and meeting my Mom at Golds. Instead, I went to the gym alone and if the music was off I would have heard a pin drop. It was just me. Typical...everyone is out ruining their gains because its the weekend and they think its time to get rowwdyy...not me. I did my normal quad annihilation, some glutes, abs and my hour of cardio. I got home, ate my egg whites, did some posing practice and went to bed because I knew I had my photo shoot in the morning.

Saturday I had the option of sleeping in...but let's be real body is a machine. Everyday my head pops off my pillow without an alarm and I am ready to rock. I woke up...looked at my phone "You've got to be kidding me..." it was indeed 5:25 a.m. and and no matter how hard I tried going back to sleep my body wanted me to do cardio and then eat meal 1. So that's exactly what I did. I was all ready to go for the day around 7am like I am on a typical school day. I went to visit my hair stylist, Jessica Richie at Salon Envy and she did my hair for me. (THANKS GIRL!! YOU ARE THE BEST!)

My best friend Diana and her daughter Maria came to visit me for the day and do a photo shoot just for fun. She was nice enough to meet up with my mom before she headed here and my mom sent along cooked chicken and lots of frozen broccoli to get me through the week :) I am so thankful for the support system I have!! Teamwork makes the Dream Work! Watch for pictures to be posted :)

I had fun doing the shoot yesterday afternoon. We did some pics in the gym I go to at school, and some more outside.  We had a lot of fun :) It was fun to look at the pics and compare them to the last time I did a shoot in that gym last June. I am amazed by the changes and I cannot wait to show the world on stage in 6 days :) After the shoot was done, I still had an hour before the gym closed so I decided to do some cardio. I got on the treadmill, put my ear phones in and went. After about 25 minutes I looked down and realized I had never even turned my ipod on. Instead my mind was racing and thinking about the excitement of the upcoming week. I had so much internal energy, it was amazing.  I got home, ate my egg whites, did some posing, and took it easy for the night.

This clock work I woke up, looked at my phone....damn 5:25 a.m. I forced myself to go back to sleep. I I went to bed later than planned and knew my body needed rest. I think I was so excited to wake up because I knew I get to eat salmon for meal 1 today :) I popped my head off my pillow at 7am, heard the birds, saw the sun and was excited to get out and do sprints. I normally sprint 2 blocks..walk a block and repeat. 

Today, I don't know what it was, but I couldn't stop running. My legs were going whether I wanted them to or not. I ran all around and then I stopped in the gym when it opened so I could weigh myself. Every Sunday  I like see where I am at. I could have cried. I didn't just reach my goal weight,but I was slightly under it. My goal of having my third ab line show finally happened this morning too. I was feeling GREAT! When I left the gym I wasn't really ready to head home yet so I went around campus and ran some more. I always enjoy looking at the pretty flowers planted by the buildings.  I took random pictures of my mom favorite flowers and sent them to her too since she couldn't be here with me to enjoy it.

Lilacs for Mom :)

The sun was shining, the birds were singing and then it really hit me...Holy shit...I am graduating from college in 28 days. I forget because I am not on campus anymore sitting in lectures, but instead spending full days teaching the second graders.I cannot believe I am almost done. I cannot believe I did it. I am very proud of this accomplishment. I am not sure where the next road will take me, but I believe something good is coming my way. It is time<3 I know I've earned it.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!!! If you are competing this weekend...keep it UP! You are almost there!!!!!!!

Time to finish pounding my water for the day, make sure my meals are organized, lift, cardio tan, and get ready for Monday with the kids :) Hope to see you all Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!

<3 SJ xo

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