Monday, April 23, 2012

5 days out....

Hello Everyone-

I decided I wanted to try to write each day this week during Peak Week so others who compete, or who want to compete can follow it. I also wanted to have it as a reference in the future to look back on when I am at this point again.
Today was a pretty good day. I'd say on a scale from 1-10 my energy level was at about a 6.5 and my motivation was at a 10. This past week I have leaned out a significant amount so I decided again doing a.m. fasted cardio this week. I woke up at 5:25 to get ready for my day. I enjoyed some salmon for breakfast (Mmmmm wonderful way to start my week!) and headed out the door by 7am for school. I don't have to be to the school until 8am everyday, but we always have meetings etc so I like to get there early so I can get organized. Sure enough a voice came over the loud speaker and we had a meeting at 8:05. It got out later than expected so when all the other teachers were talking after the meeting, Mrs. S insisted I go back to the room to eat my chicken and keep pounding my water. I started my 2 gallons of water/day on Sunday. It is going alright. By noon today I already had the first gallon gone. The kids were cheering me on throughout the day. THATS A LOT OF WATER! haha Mrs. S got a new microwave for the classroom (since our exploded last week during recess when I was done cooking my chicken haha). She had me carry it through the school and every person we walked past she insisted we stop so they could feel my muscles. She sure knows how to make me smile.

I still taught my regular lessons today, and did not take a step back just because of the circumstances of the week. My mind was where it needed to be. I had a slight headache through out the day but I think that is most likely from not getting enough sleep last night (too excited to sleep)!

Salmon Breakfast :)) Mmmm

One of the boys in my class came up to me and said, "Mizz your muscle contest this weekend?" I told him it was, and I was very excited. He wanted to hear all about the trophies. I told him about it and before recess he came up to me and said, "I really believe you are going to get that giant medal you want."
I said, " Thanks, kiddo. Why do you think that?"
He looked at me and said, "Because you are a super hero teacher that eats tuna for breakfast and remember my uncle said your a freak in the gym!"
haha :) These kids make every day great :)

Being at school all day on a strict schedule really ensures my meals will be at the same time everyday. It works out really well for me, and Mrs. S is very accommodating. She will take over if needed so I can quick eat my tuna and rice in the back of the room. The students are really understanding too. Sometimes when they come in right away in the morning I am still eating, but I walk around the room and still hold up my duties and responsibilities. 

After school I was feeling pretty tired. I ate my chicken and headed up to my room to digest and relax a lil while before the gym. I headed to the gym a little early because my buddy Docta Ryce was doing my final body fat test on me. I know those tests aren't accurate but its just another form of data I can use to track progress. He performs the 7 site caliper test on me, and each of the pinches were significantly lower than the previous test he did 3 weeks prior. That gave me a little kick before I walked down the hall into the gym. It is always nice to see my friends in there at the end of the day. Several ask about the show, and they know I am getting so excited about it. Right above the bubbler is a poster for the Fox Cities Show Down and I have a Post-It note on there each day with a countdown. It is a nice visual reminder :)

My buddy Alex met me in the gym to drill me through one of his intense ab workouts. I know in bikini you don't need to have a jacked up rockin' 6 pack...but my third line is just about always showing now so I just want to see where I can get it by Saturday :) 

We did circuits for the ab workout that included: 

1. Leg Throw Downs (I lay down and he throws my legs down and I have t stop them before they hit the ground and bring them back up. He does them in front and to each of my sides so I never know what is coming next. (2 min 30 second rounds)

2. Planks (1 minute and 30 seconds Front, 1 minute Left Side, 1 minute right side, 1 minute front rounds)

3. Slammin' Bitches aka Ball Throws (14 lb ball over my head and slam it down as hard as I can for 1 min 30 second rounds)

4. Knee Raises (I hang on the pull up bar and pull my knees up...sets of 25)

 5. Decline crunches and side twists with 8lb medicine ball (went for 30 seconds, 40, seconds, 50 seconds, and the last one a good song came on and oops I did over 100)

6. End with an Arnold Special....Roman Chairs (you sit on a bench...lean back and focus your breathing squeezing your abs for 5 minutes....for the last minute you go back even burns!)

When that was done my heart was really going. I worked out each of my upper body muscle groups to get a pump going, and then I headed up the stairs to finish with 30 minutes of cardio. As I walk up the stairs, my energy level hits me and I realize how tired I am. I climb up on the treadmill, crank that sucker up as far as it goes on incline...speed of 4.1 mph and I'm off! 20 minutes in, my friend April came running up the stairs to talk with me for a bit. It was nice to see her and I am really excited she is coming to the Showdown! Usually I need my ipod to get through cardio but this past week or two has been different. I zone everything out. I don't even realize what music is blaring from the speakers or who is around me. I feel like I am on stage. I picture it all. I picture every move I am going to make. I can feel my heart racing as the excitement takes over my body.

At least once during every cardio session my eyes start to water. I get so emotional over everything I have over come in these past two years of the past this crazy the past week....and it drives me to push harder. Over the weekend I watched several YouTube videos from several IFBB and National level NPC shows and watched posing from the pros...and noticed small details such as hand placement, jewelry, hair, make up, stage presence etc. Some of the videos I watched were ones in which a new competitor turned pro. My heart ached each time I watched it, as I imagined just what that would feel like. This is my passion. This is my dream, and I want this more than anything. I don't expect it to be easy to be handed to me. That is why I am working so hard and dedicating so much. Every decision I make, every action, every step, is focused around this goal. I belong on that stage. I BELIEVE it. This is my dream, and I am not going to let anyone take it from me.

I live by this every day <#

After cardio I say goodbye to my buddies for the night and I head home. I usually hear from my mom, sister, and Diana before I go to bed and they remind me they are proud of me. A final push to rev my engine for the next day.

The words from one of my good friends, Bree Brooks... ::Never dull your SHINE for someone else::

2 gallons...check!! Egg whites....check!!! Then.....sleepy time! Another day closer!!!

<3 SJ xo


  1. Keep it up Snap! Cheering for you from S.Korea!!!

  2. Awww Thank YOU Capatilla!!!! Every time I eat tilapia think of you <3