Thursday, April 12, 2012

So close I can taste it...

Hello Everyone-

Wow I cannot believe that the Fox Cities Showdown is only SIXTEEN days away!!! The time has just flown by, and I am amazed with the progress I have made. In 14.5 weeks I lost 20 lbs and a total of 7 inches (measurements taken weekly from: chest, hips, waist, biceps, quads, calves).

Measurements: (Jan 1st compared to 2.5 weeks out)
Chest (33 inches vs 32 inches)
Waist ( 26.6 inches vs 25 inches)
Hips (34 inches vs 32 inches)
Quads (22 inches vs 21 inches)
Biceps (11.5 inches vs 11 inches)
Calves (15 inches vs 14.5 inches)

I am very proud of these changes, and now that the show is approaching, I am noticing day and night changes DAILY. It is amazing what hard work and dedication can do for a body. Never did I ever think I could compete in the NPC during my busiest semester of college with student teaching. And look...not only am I doing it...but I am kicking ass :) I am doing a super job with my second graders and devoting 50-60 hours a week of teaching/prep time towards them, and all of my other spare time is dedicated to making my future IFBB Bikini Pro title come true. Anyone can do ANYTHING!!

I keep envisioning myself on stage...the bright lights radiating off my tan, hard body. The darkness in front of me and the roars of the crowd. The way my heart races and palms sweat because I am so excited to be there showing off my hard work. Every move I make, every pose I hit, has been practiced hours and hours. The movements are natural to me, and I do it with passion and pride. My smile reflects the love I have for the sport, and my happiness illuminated on that stage. 

I think about it while I am driving...when I am getting jacked in the gym between sets, when I run up and down the bleachers at 4:30 in the morning, when the kids are our for recess, when I am doing cardio after an intense lift, when I am in the shower, when i'm posing in my room every night, when I lay in bed tossing and turning because my heart is racing and excitements pours out of me.

I envision it all, and I really believe...that this is my year. This is my year to EARN my IFBB Bikini Pro Card. This is my year to EARN a sponsorship because someone else is taking a chance and believing in me. This is my year to shine..and make a difference. I have put the work in, and I will continue to do so day in and day out until I reach my goal...and then after that I keep pushing it until my heart stops. This is what keeps me alive...this is what keeps me going every single day. This is what gets me out of bed before the birds to run bleachers or sprints when its below 32 degrees. This is what gets me through my first meal of tuna. This is what gets me to go to bed hungry sometimes after only eating egg whites and having to wait until the next morning AFTER cardio to eat again. I will never, ever give up <3

Stay tunes...16 days and counting!!!

Time to pack up for the weekend so I can go visit my mom :)
<3 SJ XO

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