Saturday, May 28, 2011

1 WEEK TO GO: Blinged and Ready!

Hello Everyone!!!!!

Happy Saturday to YOU! I hope everyone is having a wonderful memorial day weekend! I am spending the weekend working, training, packing up my college apartment, and catching up on some much needed rest. It is amazing the things you can accomplish when you do not have TV or Internet :)

This past week was very productive. I was able to work 40 hours at my campus job, get all of my lifts and two-a-day cardio sessions in, and do a wonderful job staying on track with my diet. Thank you to everyone at the Cardio Center for covering shifts for me so I could get my lifts in! I really appreciate it!!!!! {Allie Bean, Matt, and Steph!}

Dr. Ryce and I made Grilled Salmon on the :Foreman:....brush some olive oil on, sprinkle on MRS DASH: Southwest Chipotle...cook about 5 MIN and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

My friend Tyler moved in my apartment for the summer to sub-lease for me so I could hopefully have enough money to buy a car at some point {thank you DR. RYCE!!!!}. It is nice having someone else around for a change. He joins me for a.m. cardio, lifting, and we have been making some delicious meals...grilled salmon....egg white omelets....coco oats...shrimp...just to name a few :) Cutting is all what you make of it! :) Thanks for being a great pal. I know I can always count on you and it means a lot that you are looking out for me!!!

The bikini I am wearing for MN State! My iron sister Diana bought it for me, and my girl Jacque bling-ed it up for me!!!! TEAM EFFORT!! THANK YOU SO MUCH LADIES!!! I am VERY appreciative <3

I am VERY excited for 2011 NPC Army National Guard MN State Championships! Everything is coming together nicely :) Thank you everyone who has been a part of my journey and making everything a success for me!!!

Jacque surprised me with these beautiful flip flops that she whipped up for me last night :) Thanks for taking care of me girl!! Can't wait to rock these! :) <3

 I am so blessed to everyone who has been there for me. Sometimes it is hard doing so much on my own so when people reach out to me to make my life a little easier it makes a huge impact. Going to college, working multiple jobs, and training consumes my life {and isn't cheap!}. I like being a hard worker knowing I am earning the outcome of the actions, but it means a lot when I get a break and someone reaches out a helping hand. I am so grateful and appreciative of all the little things {and BIG things} people are doing for me. Thank you for believing in me <3  Someday I will repay all of you back :) You have my word! ,<3


 With it being Memorial Day weekend I also wanted to thank those who are serving our country. I would like to personally thank my cousin, Jesse Metko, and my best friend {Combat Barbie} Bree Brooks. Thank you for what you have done, and continue to do! Jesse I hope I get to see you this weekend while you are visiting WI, and Bree I am counting down for you to come home safely so we can have an amazing summer!!!

My Cousin Jesse and I when he visited WI last August. Thank you for serving our country!

Enjoy the weekend!!! Be safe!!!!

Xo SJ <3

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