Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anyone Can do ANYTHING!!!

Good Evening Everyone!!

Hope you had a wonderful day!! I woke up at 5:25 a.m. [pretty standard by now], did interval training on the StairMaster and then headed home to eat my egg whites and oats {Mmmmmm! I get so excited when it is time for oats!!!}. I cleaned my apartment with my new roomie, my workout pal Tyler and then headed to work. It was a fabulous morning at work. My favorite person came to do cardio, Elio. He is like a grandpa to me and is always supporting me and always wants updates on my training and life. [I am going to miss him when I go home for the summer and he switches gyms. It wont be the same without you!!!!] 
Elio and Sara at CC

He always reminds to smile and remember to have PMO on life (Positive Mental Outlook).  He also told me to stay away from negative people who complain and to not let those people fog my brain. He has the best advice :) Never forget it!!

A note from Elio I have taped to my mirror

Spring Semester Grades were posted today which was also very exciting! This past semester was a crazy one with 17 credits, working approximately 20 hours a week, having practicum every week for my minor, and training for not 1, not 2, but 3 shows in a row. I ended up earning a GPA of 3.5 and I am VERY happy with it! I ran over to tell Elio while he was over on the treadmill and he gave me our usually ::fist pound:: handshake we have. He was very proud and told me "I am a very special person with a lot of drive. Any man would be lucky to be my father." It put tears in my eyes and made me happy he was proud of me and sad at the same time because I really wish my dad was still around. I wish he knew how hard I was working in every area of my life. I think he would be proud. Wherever you are Michael Robert Lindbom, know you have a daughter and 2 other children that are doing amazing things and you are sincerely missing out on it. {his loss}

Since I cant change the past, I know I can just keep working towards my future. I used my emotion from earlier in the day and had a killer chest workout tonight with my roomie and did some cardio after. {Thank you Miss Allie Bean for coming into work so I could get a workout in!} Now I am eating my tuna and it is back to adding to the bikini fund.

Hope everyone has a beautiful evening!!!! Thanks for stopping by!


<3 SJ xo

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