Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And That's a Wrap!

Hello Everyone!!

What a beautiful day!!!!

I hope that you all had the opportunity to take advantage of the sun enjoy some of this beautiful weather we have been having. It is so nice to see the sun shining every day, and hear the birds singing. Summer will be here before we know it! Sorry I have not posted anything in a while, but I was very busy finishing up my semester. I survived my 17 credit semester!!! Yesterday I completed my last final exam [in a class I thought I was going to have to drop because I was unsure I could pass it and now I think I will end up with AT LEAST a "B" in it]. What a great feeling!! :)

PS: These are for you Mom <3 Thinking of you and I am excited to come home in 2 weeks and 1 day to see you! XO

This morning I had the opportunity to sleep in if I wanted to, but of course I hopped out of bed at 5:40 a.m., got dressed, and headed over for morning cardio.  I packed my meals so I could be ready to be productive after working out as well! I did the Stair Master for 30 minutes and then decided I could not let the beautiful weather go to waste, so I went for a walk outside! After that I came back into work to use the extra office computer [since my internet got shut off yesterday] to finish my last assignment for the semester. 9 pages later I completed it! My semester has officially wrapped up! Now I get to anxiously wait for grades to be posted so that I can see how I did. I have a feeling I mostly A's, maybe a B or two coming my way. I will be sure to keep you updated :) What a great feeling to complete 17 credits, my environmental education practicum hours, work approximately 20 hours a week, oh and train for two NPC National Qualifier shows....on my way to the third one! See...ANYONE CAN DO ANYTHING :) You just have to work your butt off and really want it! Remember: ::Excuses are the bricks used to build the house of failure::

Tulip I saw while on my morning walk :)

I am 2 weeks and 1 day away from 2011 NPC Army National Guard MN State Championships and I am so ready!!! Training is going great, and I am basically maintaining again between shows. My training has not changed except I sometimes have more cardio because I cannot resist going for an extra walk to enjoy the sunshine! My diet is also staying the same as it was between Gopher and Fox Cities Showdown.

I cannot wait to be on stage again. I work extremely hard, and it is very rewarding when I get to shine on stage. It is also very cool because this is the third show in a row that I am participating in with my great friend, and mentor Jerome Dinh [Thanks for being a GREAT role model to me!]. A special thanks ahead to Lori for doing my hair and makeup for the show!! I am very appreciative that you are helping me and I am very excited to see you!!! Also a special thanks to my iron girl Diana and lil Maria for driving all the way to from WI to MN to support me on stage!!!!! Love you both!!! <3

Future Plans: I am going reach my goal of competing in all 3 NPC Minnesota shows in my first year of competing after October 1st when I step on the stage for the Northstar. A lot of my close friends are going to be doing this show as well...always makes for a fun time!!! I am very excited about this show because my very own best girl, Angel Sigman is going to fly in all the way from Idaho to step on stage with me!!!!!!!  She is amazing and I am SO BLESSED to have a friend like her in my life. It is going to be an amazing experience and I cannot wait to finally be on stage with her!!!!!!! Less than 20 weeks to go!!! We can DO IT!!!

Keep your eyes pealed for JULY issue of INSIDE WISCONSIN SPORTS, where my brother and I are going to be featured. We were interviewed and photographed for competing together at 2011 Fox Cities Showdown. It was a wonderful experience to share with my brother, and I am excited that others are going to have the opportunity to read more about our experiences, training, and goals.

Back to work :) aka back to adding to the bikini fund!

<3 SJ xo

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