Monday, May 2, 2011


Hello Everyone and Happy Monday!

I just had the most amazing weekend sharing the experience of competing in the 2011 Fox Cities Showdown with my younger brother, Josh. It was a lot of fun, and definitely something I will never forget.

I was very happy I actually slept the night before the show (for about 4 hours) as I did not get any sleep due to excitement and nerves when I competed at Gopher. I woke up at 5:30am to eat before my best friend Brooke came over to do my hair for the show. She came over by 6am and we got to work right away. She did an an amazing job curling my hair! I felt like a princess. After she did my hair Josh and I had to run back to the hotel where Josh would get his 3rd coat of tanner applied and I would get touch ups. A BIG THANKS to Jacquie Wabel from Liquid Sun Rayz for doing an amazing job on my tan. She was amazing to work with and made sure both me and my brother's tans were perfect. I hope to work with her again at a future show!


After tanning we drove back home where Brooke finished doing my hair and did my makeup. We were just about read to head out to register before prejudging. I was getting very excited!! At registration we were given huge goody bags full of supplements and a sweet t-shirt. {Thanks D!} We also received our numbers. I was 24 and Joshua was 25. I ran into my buddy Jerome and his wife which was very cool. It is my second show competing with Jerome and I am very thankful to have him as a friend and a mentor. {Thanks for always having my back!!!} I also met my friend Lee:) and Josh and I went to the athletes meeting together. It was very exciting to be sitting in the room with all of the competitors. It was also a really good feeling knowing that back stage I would have the support of my brother Josh, Jerome, and Lee. {Thanks Guys!!!!}

Josh and I waiting for the show to start
Prejudging went good and I definitely felt like I improved on my stage performance. I was very confident and felt even better walking around in my heels on stage. The Bikini B class was very competitive and after prejudging I was unsure with where exactly I was going to come in at the end of the night. The suspense was killing me :) Josh did a really nice job during prejudging and hit all of his poses. I am so proud of you bro!!!

Me with HIDETADA!!!!!!!! :)

Brandon Curry, Me, and my brother, Josh!

During the afternoon Josh and I did a shoot for a magazine that we are going to be featured in. The magazine is called Inside Wisconsin Sports and we will have a 2 page spread in their next issue!!!! VERY EXCITING!

Me with the #1 Show Promoter, D!!!!

The night show was amazing because so many people came to watch and support both Josh and I. It was so amazing to see my family and friends there for me. Thank you to everyone who came!! It meant the world to me!!!!!!

3rd Place Bikini B

The results of the show ended up with both Josh and I taking 3rd in our classes. (Middle Weight BB for Josh and Bikini B for myself). I am very proud of both of us and we will always be able to share these memories that we were able to experience together. I Love You  Bro!!!!!!
After the show I went out and celebrated with my friends and I definitely ate way more than I should have :) I was able to enjoy a lot of food that I have missed out on the past 3 months, but I am already back to eating clean. I felt miserable and still kind of do today from all the sugar I put into my body.  It is amazing the impact the food we put into our bodies has on the way we feel both physically and emotionally. I am glad I got to treat myself for a while, but I feel even better being on track again :)

So what's next for me? Well I was going back and fourth on a few ideas and I decided I AM going to be competing June 4th in NPC MN State. I hear it is a very big show and I think it would be a wonderful experience for me to have before doing a national level show.

Josh: 2010 Fox Cities Teen 1st Place, Sara 2011 Gopher State Bikini B 2nd, Josh: 2011 Fox Cities Middle Weight 3rd, Sara: 2011 Fox Cities Bikini B 3rd
Thank you everyone for your support. I wish I could write more about the show but it all went so fast and just feels like a dream now :)

Captain Cox and Kavalar came to my show and surprised me with this AWESOME poster :) "Sara Jean The Bikini Queen!" LOVE IT!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

<3 SJ

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