Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Written by: Captain Cox:

Recipe for Success:

It’s hard to believe we met just 3 months ago. I am blessed to have shared in part of your journey.
Captain Cox and Me at Fox Cities Showdown

I’ve gotten to witness the ups and downs of Sara’s journey. Now when I think of Sara’s journey one word comes to mind, “shun” but not shun like outcast or excluded but 'tion' as in the ending of a variety of words that describe Sara’s Journey.

The first 'tion' word that describes Sara’s journey is motivation. Motivation is what got Sara up on those early 5:00 a.m. mornings. Motivation is what got Sara started on the walk across the vast expanse that is Parking lot Q on her way to the Cardio Center where she often works out for her morning cardio. Sara has made it clear that she has this key ingredient of success. Where Sara gets all her motivation is a bit of a mystery. For some of us we find it tough to get motivated to get up and turn the TV on if we can’t find the remote but Sara doesn’t have that problem. Motivation is what gets Sara going but what keeps her going is dedication.

Dedication is training full time, working out 3 times a day while going to school full time and working 2 jobs. Dedication is when Sara is allowed to have a cheat meal and for her cheat meal she has an apple. There is no doubt that Sara is dedicated. Now that we have our second ingredient of success that brings us to the third ingredient and third 'tion' word, which is perspiration.

There is no question that as some point during Sara’s 2 cardio workouts a day and numerous lifting sessions there was some perspiration going on. Another word that I couple with perspiration is perseverance, which is another quality that Sara has been a shining example of. You can count on the fact that when the going gets tough Sara gets going. Don’t let her fool you, Sara has had her share of rough patches in the road, like when she broke her foot last fall but continued to train through the pain and doctor’s orders. Sara didn’t let these rough patches get her down though. Now we have 3 ingredients of success that bring us to our next 'tion' word, destination.

A destination is an end result or a goal. It is clear that Sara has arrived at one of her destinations but it surely is not her final destination. Sara has a bright future ahead and I know that she has many goals and dreams for herself. Now we have heard the fourth and final ingredient in the recipe of success for Sara’s journey.

After seeing Sara display all of these 'tion' words it leaves me with one final 'tion' word resonating in my mind and that word is inspiration. Sara thank you so much for being an inspiration to us all. Inspiration leads to motivation and so on goes the cycle. 

Congratulations Sara on your great success and good luck at Nationals and on your continuing journey!

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