Thursday, February 17, 2011

10 Weeks til SHOWTIME

Hello Everyone and HAPPY THURSDAY! :)

Sorry I have not written anything in a while I have been extremely busy. I had to reanalyze my diet since I was not making any progress as far as dropping weight so I changed up when I was eating certain foods and what was being eaten. So that means no more protien pancakes (sad), only 1 scoop of whey and that is before bed time, and lots and lots of chicken and brown rice :)

Plan B is into effect and since this week I have finally seen 133.9 on the exciting! I have not been that low in a very LONG time! I was stuck between 136 and 137 for so long it is nice to finally see some change. I stepped up my cardio and I am getting in my "empty stomach a.m. cardio" in along with my p.m. cardio before bed. Training is going good and I am keeping my strength on my cut as well which makes me happy. I am noticing changes in my body and it is tightening up a lot. I am excited to see what the future brings to me. 

HARD work always pays off in the end! Just gota keep on truckin along :)
Make it a GREAT day!!
SJ xo 

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