Monday, February 7, 2011

Preparation is Key

Here is to the start of another busy, but exciting week. I am 11 weeks out from competition and my third week into my senior year of college. Monday is always crazy with having 5 classes from 9am-4pm with only enough time for me to grab two meals during that timespan. Good thing I am prepared for the week and have my meals pre-made and ready to go.

Here is what is on the meal agenda for today:

Meal 1: I had a protien pancake (6 egg whites, 1/2 c oats)

class for 2 hrs

Meal 2: egg white omelet and 1/2 cup slow cooked oats

class for 2 hrs

Meal 3: 1/2 cup oats mixed with 1 protien shake (1 scoop Supplement RX whey: chocolate)

class for 1 hour

LIFT (chest day) and CARDIO

Meal 4: 4 oz ground turkey 1/2 c brown rice and spinnach


Meal 5: Egg white omelet

Meal 6: 1 scoop whey +1 scoop casien

Sometimes it gets hard between classes knowing my next meal is going to be a cold one it is important to know that in the end it is going to be well worth it.
No excuses :) Time for class :)

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