Sunday, February 27, 2011

[Big Changes]

9 Weeks Baby!

Last week marked some big changes for me. I stayed on track with my diet and got my butt out of bed every morning for empty stomach cardio and then I lifted in the evening and did another round of cardio. My weight was dropping daily and the lowest number I saw on the scale was 132!!!! Very motivating to see my hard work is finally paying off! A fellow competitor friend checked my body fat for me and I am finally at 10%!!! Another very exciting number for me to see! I have the most work yet in my legs and triceps because that is where I am holding fat, but I have 9 weeks to fine tune.

Everything was going perfect last week until I got sick with strep throat and a terrible cold so it knocked me out from going to the gym for a few days. The hardest part is staying out of the gym but I knew my body needed rest so I made sure that I took care of me first. 

Tonight was the first night since Wednesday that I was able to get a lift in. I am still feeling under the weather, but I was feeling ambitious so I went in for an attempt of am arm workout. I am not sure if I was more excited to lift or to jump on the scale to reassure myself that i did not gain any weight or ruin progress from last week. Sure enough...weight is still on track and I got a successful arm workout in. I am going to gradually bring my cardio back in once I am feeling better. I know I am on schedule, if not a little bit ahead, so instead of being harsh on my body I have the option to take it slow. Just have to stay focused :)

Tomorrow is a new day, and the start of a new week where many wonderful things can happen:)

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