Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Avoid Temptations:

Yesterday after my long 10 hour day volunteering out at the kids camp I came home to eat, lift (delts) and get my cardio in. After following my foorprints in the dark on my walk back I realized I had no food ready for tomorrow and I had to get to the store. For those of you that know me...sometimes my car starts annnnd sometimes it doesn't but I knew I needed egg whites and few other things so I ventured out.

I made it to the store and I walked in and the first thing I saw was the easter candy section. Bright colors and chocolately goodness surrounded me. I took one look at it imaging eating something sugary and delicious and then I instantly snapped out of it. The few seconds of enjoyment I would get out of eating sugar could potentially ruin the awesome progress I have made this week. I walked on to the produce section to pick up my spinnach, mushrooms, onion, and yams then grabbed my eggs and was out the door. I was very proud of myself for not even giving into the smallest temptation. Those things can wait for me in 9.5 weeks when my show is over. Im not going to let anything get in the way of my goals :)

It was a good thing I didnt give in to my temptations because this morning when I woke up to do cardio session #1 I hopped on the scale to see 132....yup 132. First time in a LONG time I have seen that number on the scale. I am very proud of where I have some so far and I am going to continue busting my ass until showtime... and even after that I am going to keep on goin strong.

Never give up on your dreams. Even the little challenges you come to during the day can make a huge impact.

SJ xo

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